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The following are articles reproduced in full or in part about the application of our solutions in various industries. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plastics innovation contributes to state of the art upgrade

When industry leader Carter Holt Harvey (CCH) Packaging was tasked with the potentially expensive task of updating a client’s 30 year old packaging system, they approached Alternative Plastics to be part of the engineering team. The key role that Alternative Plastics played was to replace traditional metal parts with engineered plastics.

Both CCH and Alternative Plastics were dedicated to providing high performance solutions to the client, in a short time frame and at a reasonable cost. Engineered plastics designed specifically for the system in question certainly delivered on all of these fronts. As John Roberts (Project Coordinator at CCH) observed:

“These benefits include increased productivity and functionality, reduced maintenance and operational costs and a processing and packaging solution at a fraction of the cost of a new one.”

Further plastics innovations contributed to the machine’s safety, visibility and branding features.

This project reflects an increasing trend towards replacing metal parts with engineered plastics – especially for automated process and packaging systems.

Plastic parts reduce wear and tear

One of the biggest problems with packaging machines is the wear and tear of metal parts. The high level of maintenance and replacement involved can lead to expensive productivity delays and down time.

Plastic parts are the solution that more and more companies are discovering. Plastics are increasingly used to replace steel and aluminium parts on both locally manufactured and imported packaging machines.

The packaging industry relies heavily on carton board and associated materials. The problem when it comes to high volume production is that paper based materials such as this, are highly abrasive substrates. When used in conjunction with aluminium carriers, many problems occur, including deterioration of the metal parts, and misalignment of the product.

This is where plastics provide a cost effective and high performance solution. Alternative Plastics has found that two products in particular - Ertacetal and Polystone 7000SR – provide an outstanding alternative to metal. These materials can withstand much greater levels of high-speed paper movement.

As a result, friction is minimised, wear and tear is reduced. Machines can function at a higher level for longer, and without the inconvenience of down time for repairs and replacement.


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