Innovation case study

The Australian wine industry requires maximum return from its large scale bottling facilities. Having the ability to manufacture and supply the latest polymers for application allows them to increase performance and reduce down time.

PEEK HPV has been used by us to decrease the numerous issues one of the countries largest bottlers.

Before a bottle of wine can be filled with product the empty glass bottle must be rinsed to insure sterilization. This process is extremely aggressive and relies upon numerous components to make the entire process work efficiently.

The component that grips the neck of the bottle has over a dozen pivot points; these points are made friction free using PEEK HPV. The benefits to the production line have been numerous; decreased down time, and increased production capacity.

When selecting PEEK HPV for the application we decided upon a material that would not deform with pressure and could handle increased temperatures caused by the high speed application. We also had the benefit of trials.

Our client was originally looking and re designing the gripper head, however the PEEK HPV has increased the working structure of the gripper head. We also had the added advantage of increasing the tolerance of the components we manufactured. This increased tolerance created far better fits.  

Innovation is part of our tradition.


Rinser gripper head

Gripper head with 12 pivot points